Women Waist Trainer Body Shaper


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Look thinner, more sensual, taller, and be confident of yourself. Just with wearing this waist trainer for women! This product is perfect for those women who want to improve their figure instantly if you have a wedding, party, or any other important event. This waist trainer is going to save your evening! Show off your new perfect hourglass figure while also dance and enjoy all night long!

Made with breathable, long-lasting, comfortable, and skin-friendly materials. This girdle is perfect for you! No matter how sensitive your skin is or how much different your boy has become. If you are a new mom and you are just recovering from pregnancy, then surely your body is not what it used to. But with this waist trainer made for women, you can recover that sexy figure you once had!

3 Buckles closure design for better adjustment, no matter your size! And Hollow decoration design that helps the waist trainer to be breathable and comfortable!

Stay comfort

Breathable design and materials for extra comfort, perfect for daily use as you won’t feel any smell, sweat or any other undesirable feeling. This waist trainer won’t hurt, sting, nor will give you red marks on your skin.

Lumbar support:

As this product provides extra lumbar support, it will help you improve your posture. It will also help you reduce the chance of having back pains while wearing it!

Postpartum therapy.

For new moms is extremely recommended to buy and constantly use a waist trainer or girdle. As your body had to change a lot for keeping your baby safe and healthy, you can change it back! Constant use of this waist shaper will help you straighten your abdominal muscles, reduce the size of your waist and hips. Also using a waist shaper helps relieve those nasty labor pains and helps your body heal faster from labor wounds. Avoid scars and stretch marks! Your body is a temple and you deserve to treat it the best you could!

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Thickness: Thin (Summer)
  • Fabric Type: Broadcloth
  • Control Level: Firm
  • Decoration: Hollow Out

Size Chart

Package includes:

1x Women Waist Trainer Body Shaper



Beige, Black


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