Sexy Backless Invisible Bra Push Up


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This is the best option for comfort and sexiness, wear all your strapless, backless dresses with this backless bra. Enjoy the party comfortable and sexy as a model without using uncomfortable adhesives or going out without bra at all!

Not just that! This bra is wireless! which means no more annoying stings, and the fear of getting hurt on your sensitive parts, you will feel as if you weren’t wearing a bra at all! But keeping all in their places so that you look gorgeous and sexy all day long!

You only deserve the best, use comfortable, adjustable clothes that make you feel better, you don’t have to keep wasting time looking for other bras on the market, this is perfect for you! wear it on your basic daily life and you will never feel anything but comfort

Everything in the right place!

Feel free to dance all night long! Work all day or do all your activities, this bra is guaranteed comfort.

Lightweight Natural Feel

These bras are so comfortable you will forget you are even wearing it, as is wired-free there won’t be annoying pinches and red skin for just wearing a bra.

Seamless And invisible

These bras are perfect for wearing with strapless dresses and come with transparent straps so that you can change them in case the original straps are visible in those dresses you definitely love.

You don’t have to discard them!

Nowadays you have many options to wear your revealing dresses and still wearing a “bra” but lots of them are just adhesives that can only be used once and then you will have to discard them! This is no problem with this backless strapless bra, because of its long-lasting durable materials, you can use it as many time as you want if washed properly


This bra is made of Spandex, nylon, and polyamide for great comfort and perfect adjustment for your breasts

Size Details

  • Length: 14cm
  • Bust: 60-90cm
  • Recommend to cup 32/70ABC, 34/75ABC,36/80ABC

Give it a try! you won’t regret it! this is the best option for you, stop searching and scrolling and click on “Add to cart”



Beige, Black


One Size

Customer Reviews

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It just kinda looks like flat chest and my boobs are saying hi from ...

I hope this review helps those with wide set boobs! If you have them or know about them then you know that wide set boobs don't really form cleavage (in my case, none at all). My boobs are not small but since they're wide set I don't really get that DAMN factor in low-cut clothing, you know? It just kinda looks like flat chest and my boobs are saying hi from the right and left. I needed a bra that would push my boobies together - I wanted that LINE. Pushup bras help but they wouldn't give me cleavage and after awhile my boobs would kinda sink back down and loose that oomf they first had when I first put the bra on. Guys, this bra is everythinggggg. It makes my boobs look way bigger and it give me major cleavage. Honestly, I couldn't stop staring at my boobs all day. My boyfriend couldn't either lol. As for sizing I remember there was one review that recommended to stick to your Victoria Secret size so I went with that and it fit perfectly. It actually may be a bit tight but in my experience thats what is going to keep your boobs looking like you first put in on - no readjusting, no boob sinking. I love this product and it was exactly what I've been looking for in a bra. Take the plunge and purchase!

Best push up bra!!

Literally the best push up bra I've ever tried on!!! I'm going to buy a couple other colors now that I've gotten this one. Cup size is true to size but I ordered a 36 C instead of my normal 34 C after reading the comments. It does come with an extended hook piece so if it's to small you can still make it bigger. This was perfect on me on the biggest hooks.

Sexy and comfortable

💜Super cute💜 hubs likes the lift and these are comfortable. Bought several different colors and love them all

Wish they made bigger cup sizes..

Seeing that the biggest size available was a 38C, I was a bit leery to order at first.. but after scrolling through all the jaw-dropping “before and after” photos and reading all the great reviews, I absolutely had to get one of these! Overall, it’s a well-made bra. Nice n’ soft material, plus the padding is thick for that push-up effect. Sadly, I have to return it because the cup size was way too small for me.. but dang, the string tie-up part in the front really does give your boobs an insane cleavage effect! I hope they eventually make versions for bigger cup sizes!

I really wanted to love this bra more

I really wanted to love this bra more. When I saw it came in larger band sizes, I was sold. But then I got it, tried it on, and realized, "WOW, this is tight." Now, it did come with a bra extender, so that was really nice, however, the bra is still pretty tight. BUT, I'm giving this bra 4 stars, because holy crap! That lift is amazing. I've never had a bra that actually gave me decent cleave till I found this bra. So, if you can deal with a tighter bra that gives amazing lift, that youre not gonna drop a fortune on, then this is the one for you.