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Seamless Genie Bra Women Fitness Push Up

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We know you have an active life, you don’t want to waste more time looking for the right bra to exercise or just being at home, this is the best bra for you! Genie Bra is the perfect bra in the market! you definitely have to try it.

Genie bra its made for a daily purpose so that you can wear it any time you want, use it for work, at the gym, in your home, you will always feel comfortable and relaxed without that oppressive feeling of an uncomfortable bra.

Why using this?

Bralettes are the future, made with extra comfortable and extra elastic materials, bralettes started being popularized in 2019 and early 2020s because of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Women needed extra comfort, no matter if they were leaving their houses or staying all day quarantining.

Absolutely Comfortable

Soft, made with fully elastic, light, and thin materials that guarantee comfort. Wide shoulder strap to avoid allergies, red marks, and itching after long periods of wearing it. Wireless for extra comfort, you will feel free as you don’t have that annoying feeling of a hard metal wire close to your chest.

Supports, Shapes And Lift!

Genie Bra is the best bralette in the market! Made with high-quality materials, this bra will keep you comfortable, prepared for every activity you have planned on your daily basics. While also shapes your chest and breast so that your boobs have just the right cleavage and stay lifted and put all-day long.

Breathable design

Thanks to their natural fabrics, this bra is so comfortable, breathable, you won’t feel suffocated on those hot days where you need extra comfort. Honeycomb design to allow heat and steam to wear off.

Perfect for exercises

Extra elastic and wide shoulders strap for perfect mobility, run, jump, dance, lift weights, this bra will be with you the whole time and will make you feel safe, and you won’t have to pay attention to your bra of breast falling of getting loose, with this bra, those problems are past old history.

Choose the right color for every occasion!

This bra comes in 6 different colors, Beige, White, Lavender, Black, Sky blue, and pink. Express yourself! wear your favorite or pick the right one for that outfit you want to try!



Package includes:

1x Seamless Genie Bra – Women Fitness Push Up Bralet












Beige, Black, Sky Blue, Lavender, Pink, White


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