Maternity Pant Leggings


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Stay on fashion while being pregnant! We know your jeans and tight pants probably stopped fitting you, and we know that’s ok! But you don’t have to surrender your style! There is always an option and here we present you these maternity leggings!

Made with elastic, adjustable, comfortable materials, these leggings will be with you from all your pregnancy and post-partum! they will adapt to that increasing size tummy and also are comfortable and elastic enough so that you don’t fear that they are too tight that can affect your baby somehow! These maternity leggings are simply great!

Daily use purpose

Use them in your daily life as you keep working, prove that women can be efficient and independent as men while also being with a child! And not just that, but because of their varieties of colors, you will look great, feel great, and most of all, secure and confident!

After you give birth to your baby, you are going to need some good compression pants to relieve those annoying postpartum pains and to help those scars to heal better and disappear with ease. So there you go! You will be using these leggings for a long time as you adapt to your new mom’s life.

Breathable cotton-made for extra comfort, you won’t feel suffocated or anything like that! You won’t have those nasty redskin marks on your body after use because is so elastic it just won’t hurt you.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Cotton Blend
  • Color: Dark Gray, Black, Wine Red.
  • Clothing Length: Regular
  • Sleeve Style: Regular

Size Chart:

S (UK 8): Waist = 76cm/29.92 Inch.   Hip = 74cm/29.13 Inch.   Length = 97.5cm/38.38 Inch

M (UK 10): Waist = 82cm/32.28 Inch.   Hip = 80cm/31.49 Inch.   Length = 99cm/39.97 Inch

L (UK 12): Waist = 88cm/34.64Inch.   Hip = 86cm/33.86 Inch.   Length = 100.5cm/39.56 Inch

XL (UK 14): Waist = 94cm/37.01 Inch.   Hip = 92cm/36.22 Inch.   Length = 102cm/40.16 Inch


Package includes:

1x Maternity Pant Leggings


Black, Gray, Red


S, M, L, XL