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French Style Deep V Lace Bra

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Once you try a Deep V lace Bra, there is no going back. This bra provides extra comfort and freshness, you will automatically feel sexier when wearing it. V shaped Bras, Perfect for those open chest dresses or tops, or maybe you will just want to use it with a semi-transparent shirt so that everyone sees your beautiful bra! Everything counts!

Besides the lace it has will make you feel like a real supermodel,

Just Comfortable

Made with the best materials, this wearable is a guaranteed purchase. Who said you can’t be sexy and being comfortable at the same time. While wearing this bra you will know what I mean.

Sexiness guaranteed

Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a sexy present for that special someone or you want to feel the freedom of this kinds of bras, you will find it here! With that gorgeous sexy lace design, you will feel as sexy as a model, fulfill all your fantasies, be the person you want to be. This bra will give you the confidence to do it! The body you already have it

Wear them anytime!

Perfect for every situation, use it on your daily basics life of simply use it to sleep. Because of it’s loose but secure design you will have a guaranteed night sleep. Without even feeling like you are wearing a bra! Also great for that working active woman who needs to keep in motion, this bra is just for you.

Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps make them suitable for every woman.

Different models

Choose from any of our different available models, choose the right one for you! The one that represents your personality!

This is your opportunity, take the chance! Be different, be sexy!.

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Package includes:

1x French Style Deep V Lace Bra 


Black Style 1, Red Style 1, White Style 1, Blue Style 1, Skin Style 1, Black Style 2, Red Style 2, White Style 2, Blue Style 2, Pink Style 2, Yellow Style 2, Green Style 2


One Size